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Meet Michelle

Certified Life Coach

One of my favorite partner exercises I have used with clients and have personally practiced is asking the questions, "Who are you?" Not once or twice, but over and over again with one or two words answers for several seemingly endless minutes. When you get past the labels of mom, woman, sister, friend, job title, etc, you begin to uncover a level of uncertainty and discomfort. 

I am in fact a mom, sister, friend, daughter, coach, dog obsessed, life long learner...these labels all resonate with me, but also all in the context of everything outside of me. I am hurt, joy, shame, laughter, curious, wistful and so much more -

as are you. 


Goal Driven

I discovered the power of being driven by a goal early on. What I didn't know then, that I coach my clients on now is that 1) when you hyper focus on the destination you miss all the life there is to live now and 2) no matter how much success you find, if you don't change your self-concept, you will sabotage your success whether it's in your business, your relationships, or your mental health. 

After having coached hundreds of people through my corporate career, it wasn't until just three years ago that I realized that the absolute best, most fulfilling part of my job could be my full time job. 

You can read all the books, listen to all the motivational videos, study the gurus, go to events and more...but if you don't set the foundation by taking a long hard look at your current self-concept and your ideal may find yourself stuck in a never ending cycle searching for an answer when it's already within you. 

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