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Achieving Any Goal Starts with Your

Stop sabotaging yourself,

own up to what you truly desire, and

ENJOY the process. 

Meet Michelle

Certified Life Coach

Who YOU believe you are. That is going to stop you or propel you on your journey. 


Get clear on what's important to you. Learn how to blow past the limiting beliefs that have kept you feeling stuck, and rediscover the joy you've been longing for.  


“Michelle has been an exemplary life coach. She has helped me prioritize what is important in both my personal & professional life. My attitude about myself, my self worth and my business have shifted 180 degrees. She helped me develop a plan for what I want my life  to look like and I can’t thank her enough for helping me find that clarity.  Michelle’s insights and direction are always on target and I feel incredibly supported and championed in achieving my goals. She has been a vital resource to me and I have come to regard Michelle as a valued friend as well as professional advisor.”

- Flora Gordon Virtual Business Assistant

What We Do

Identify Your Core Values and How to Use Them

Set and Achieve  Audacious Goals

Develop Positive Intelligence through Mental Fitness

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Develop a Focused Mind and Accountability  


The Journey Towards Having the Life You Want Starts Today

“Michelle has been able to simplify and playback what seemed chaotic and overwhelming to me. Her natural ability to see how my unique perspective portrays my personal situation (AND can be shifted, paired with her logical mind and creative coaching skills, helped me realize I was perfectly capable of not only managing, but improving my life.”

- Lisa Tomei  Life Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner

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If who you subconsciously believe yourself to be doesn't match your reality, you WILL change - whether that means achieving goals or sabotaging your life. THAT is the power of self-concept.

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